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  • Conveyancing
  • Family Law
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  • Personal Injury Claims
  • Wills and Probate
  • Commissioners for Oaths
  • Employment Law

If you are considering instructing us we will, upon request, supply a written detailed estimate which will include a breakdown of our fees and all of the payments to third parties (“disbursements”).

All services are provided by a team of qualified solicitors and their assistants.  Paul Bradford is a solicitor who qualified on 15/10/1976, Margaret Bradford is a solicitor who qualifed on 01/10/1987 and Melanie Treadaway is an associate solicitor who qualified on 15/07/2008. 

Conveyancing: Costs generally range from £800 – £2,200 and are all fixed fee, but are based on a variety of factors such as whether the property is a New-build, Help to Buy or Shared-ownership; whether it is freehold or leasehold and whether the matter concerns a re-mortgage rather than a sale and/or purchase.  A standard freehold purchase of a property valued at £400,000 will attract a fee of £1600 plus VAT.  We will also charge for bank transfers (£25) and for preparing a stamp duty form for submissions to HMRC (£40). All these fees attract VAT at the rate of 20%.  Disbursements will also be payable to third parties, such as for land registry fees which range from £20 – £295 again based on the value of the property, and search fees which will total approximately £350.  Full details will be given about these within the estimate we provide to you, dependent upon the value of the property involved and its location in the country. VAT is also payable on some of these disbursements. Stamp Duty may also be payable on your purchase and you can calculate the amount payable by using the HMRC’s website or the Welsh Revenue Authority website, again depending on the location of the property. Key stages  are pre contract; exchange of contracts; completion; registration of title at the Land Registry. The whole process usually takes 12 – 16 weeks but it can take longer if problems arise or if there is a long chain.

Probate: Costs range from £1,500 – £9,000 depending on whether a Grant or Letters of Administration are needed, there is Inheritance Tax to pay, how large and complex the estate is, whether there are issues with the Will, if there are numerous beneficiaries or more complex issues including trusts or settlements.  Our costs will be fixed fee.  Additional disbursements payable could include the court application fee (£273), swearing fees and bank transfer fees (£30 each inc VAT). These disbursements in total would not normally exceed  £400.  All these costs and some disbursements will be subject to VAT at the rate of 20%. The key stages are identifying and valuing the assets in the estate, paying inheritance tax (if applicable), applying for Grant of Probate (or letters of administration if there is no Will), informing interested parties, gathering in all the estate assets and distributing the estate in line with the Will or rules of intestacy if there is no Will. Most estates are wound up within one year. Simple estates may only take a few months but complex ones can take longer than a year. Once we have more information we will be able to estimate the timescale more accurately

Employment Law: There are many types of employment issues. Some are relatively straightforward and the costs could be as low as £350.  However other matters could become protracted and possibly include court hearings and would therefore be more costly.  Upon being advised of the type of issue we would provide you with either an estimate of total fees, or an hourly rate.   Disbursements vary depending upon the action but can include Court and or/Counsel’s fees.  Court fees are usually in the range of £150 – £500, but Counsel’s fees can again be costly and if this became necessary an estimate would be provided to you, although these could be as much as £8,000.  VAT is payable on these costs and disbursements at the rate of 20%.  The key stages would be to prepare a case, submit a claim, deal wlith preliminary hearings, deal with final hearing. The timescale of this matter will vary on the specific details.

Please contact us by telephone (01179635261 or 01275 856302) or email ( or if you would like more information.